Making the decision to get braces for the second time.

I have gotten braces once before and now am interest in getting braces again. The first time I got braces I was on medacaid. I felt as if my old orthdontist rushed my treatment because when the braces came off after a year and a half I still had a over bite and my teeth still protruded some to where it made me appear to have large teeth. Before my teeth were severely crooked and when the braces came off my teeth were straight but the alignment of my bottom and top teeth were off and when I smile big you can tell. It has been two years now and now have made the decision to get braces once again because I had lost my retainer and when I finally got an appointment to see my orthodontist my teeth had shifted. I am going to go through a different orthodontist to recieve braces again. This orthodontist told me that I would have to have four teeth pulled before treatment and that the roots of my teeth are short and that I would have to get x rays each month to make sure that the shortening of my roots isn't due to braces. I also have a severe receding gum line and the teeth with the worst of the receding gum line are the one getting pulled. I am very nervous to get braces again and I was wondering if because of all of my dental problems if it would be okay or only make my teeth worse?

Answer: get a second opinion

By Expert 3

The answer to your question is yes you can get braces again for the second time. Its not common but it is done. If you decide to get braces again go for a 2nd opinion so it will make your decision easier. As far as you mentioned that your root are short, the orthodontist is correct and that you will need xrays to make sure no more shortage will happen. It is due to moving your teeth too quickly. All it means that it will take a little longer for the treatment as the orthodontist will have to move your teeth slowly so no root shortage will occur. Just remember you can have perfect teeth for the rest of your life. Good Luck