Moving teeth forward

My daughter had a failed root canal in tooth #3. She is now considering having the tooth removed as she still has her wisdom teeth. We want to know if it is possible to move all her teeth forward after so that her wisdom tooth takes the place of a molar. Thanks!

Answer: Teeth will shift until space is slightly closed

By Expert 3

I would make an appointment with the dentist to see why the root canal failed. If your daughter still wants to take out the tooth. The other teeth will shift into the space, but possibly not straight and slightly tilted. In order to have the space replace with the other molar, Braces is the answer. That is why i suggest you find out if the tooth can be saved. It will require alot of work and time to fill the space. When you have a missing tooth in the mouth, all teeth shift until both upper and lower teeth touch each other. Good Luck