My 3 year old has swollen gums?

My 3 year old has caps on all her teeth except for her four bottom fron teeth. Tonight i was brushing her teeth and noticed above her top front teeth that her gums looked a little swollen and when i brushed those teeth they bled a little bit. What do i need to do and what causes that?

Answer: Slight periodontal disease

By Expert 3

I know that your 3 year old is young is have gum problems. You must keep the area clean by brushing them at least 2 times a day. When the gum is a little swollen it usually means that there is some food underneath her gum line. When brushing it will bleed, BUT keep on brushing, it will eventually stop. If after a couple of days and the swelling is not down and the bleeding contiues you should see the dentist and it may be very deep and they need to remove any debris under the gum ling.     Good Luck