My gums are coming through my braces. HELP?

I had tonsil stones a few weeks back. They\'re gone. Now, my gums are starting to come through my braces it hurts when I brush & when I eat. I just moved to another state & I don\'t have an orthodontist out here yet. I\'m working on getting one. But, why are my gums coming through my braces?

Answer: make sure you are keeping the area clean with brushing

By Expert 3

It is common to have some extra gum tissues protruding through your braces, It is usually do to have some sort of food stuck underneath. It is very important to clean you teeth after every time you eat to make sure no food is stuck.

Find 2 orthodontist in the area you are moving too and ask for a FREE consultation and you will then be able to pick the one you like. Your records will be transfered to the new orthodontist you pick. Most treatment are basic and most  orthodontist will follow the treatment.


Good Luck and keep the teeth and gums CLEAN