Permanent retainer

I have had my braces off for a while and I now have the normal wire retainer. I tend to forget to wear it so my teeth get messed up and my wisdom teeth are coming in so my front teeth are moving. would my orthodontist put in a permanent retainer?

Answer: try removable first.

By Expert 5

If you notice your teeth have shifted already i would try to wear the removable one again to see if the teeth return to the correct position. If they do not go to the orthodontist that did the retainer and see if they can adjust it to correct the teeth. If they have shifted too much you may need a different type of retainer with a spring aligner that moves the teeth back. After that treatment is complete ask for a permanent retainer to be placed. If That is not an option you may need braes placed on to correct the teeth for a few months. Then after that treatment again ask for a permanent retainer to be placed. Just keep in mind the fixed retainers are harder to keep clean. If you get a lot of buildup already it would not be a good idea to have one of these placed. It can lead to gum recession or getting decay in between the teeth if you are not a good flosser.