Removal of Braces

So my children were being seen by an orthodontist and both have braces on the top. I have since lost my job and cannot afford the cost of the braces as nothing was covered by my insurance. How much out of pocket would it cost for me to have them removed per child? Right now they have not seen the orthodontist in about a year and the braces have not been maintained. My daughter has some brackets missing or broken and my son doesn't even have the wire in the braces just the brackets on his teeth. They removed the wire for a cleaning and never put it back on. I am planning on getting them SmileByDirect because it is much more affordable. I am a single mother of thee children and the third child is now going to need braces as well. I cannot afford to have all three in braces so if I get the first two the SmileByDirect and the third child braces I can manage (he is going to need the real braces his teeth are by far the worst of the three) I know a photo is required but the question I am asking does not realate to seeing a photo.

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Answer: Removal of braces

By Sarah h
Dental Professional

Unfortunately, we are unable to quote exact fees as they are usually set by state and zip code.  As a courtesy, their previous orthodontist may be willing to offer you an affordable rate to remove the remaining brackets and wires.  Be sure to research all your options before commiting to Smile Direct Club.  Depending on your childrens ages, having an orthodontist or general dentist monitor their treatment may be better.  Clear aligner therapy is a great option, but it is only as good as the user.  It has to be worn 22hrs per day to be effective.  Check into Invisalign Teen as well as Suresmile, both excellent choices for clear aligners and guided by a dentist throughout treatment.  Most dental offices offer financing options for orthodontic treatment as well.  

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