Sore Jaws, Do I Need Braces?

Hi I’ve been having issues with my jaws the feeling of them being extremely sore and I also cannot bite completely down on one of my sides of my mouth my teeth don’t look perfect or good they look “normal” I guess you can call it what would fix this ? Do I need braces ? My friends tell me I have a slight overbite but I can’t physically tell and I also bite the sides of my mouth and the inside of my lip a lot while eating.. what should I do ? I go to the dentist soon but is it best for me to go to a dentist or orthodontist?

Sore Jaws

Answer: Edge To Edge

By Sarah h

From the picture submitted, it appears that you are biting edge to edge, which does need to be addressed and corrected by your orthodontist. It is ideal to mention these symptoms to your dentist at your check up appointment. Your jaw should not be sore on a regular basis. This could be a symptoms of a dysfunctional temporomandibular joint (TMJ). While the small spaces are more cosmetic, the uneven bite, soreness and inability to completely close on one side all raise red flags. Its best to correct these issues now, rather than to wait for them to worsen or for restorative treatment to be needed in addition to orthodontics due to wear patterns.