Taking Braces Off Before End Of Treatment?

What happens when you take off your braces even if your not finished with your treatment?

Answer: your teeth will move back without retainers

By BracesInfo.com Expert 3

It is not recommended to take off your braces before treatment is completed. There are times when you have to take them off before treatment is completed. Here are some examples: sickness, allergic reaction, to much tooth decay (cavaties), and non co-operation. If you have to take them off early it is very important to have retainers. There are 2 types of retainers one is removable upper and lower, and a permanent retainers in which they are bonded on the inside of your upper and lower six teeth(canine to canine). Once the braces are off your gum tissues are soft from moving the teeth into the right position and it takes a good year to strenghten them. That is why retainers are very important to stablize your teeth while the gums strenghten and also prevent your teeth moving back to where they were.  Also when removing braces off  to early it may cause further trouble with your bite not being in the right position and all the teeth alignment might be off causing you to have jaw problems. It is worth to keep them on as most treatment only take 2-4 years depending on the person teeth in order to get the perfect smile for the rest of your life.