Top braces only for a while now but not the bottom?

My daughter had her top braces only put on a year and 5 months ago. The orthodontist keeps telling me she will get the bottom ones as soon as a tooth finally gets straighten out and in the right position. This tooth she had to had a chain attach to it in order to make it come out and it has not come out straight. The orthodontist keeeps saying he wants to \"work with the top first\" and then do the bottom. But I am getting worry because he keeps saying in another 8 weeks and months have passed. Is he doing the right thing? I always see top and bottom put on at the same time.

Answer: Not always top and bottom braces go on the same time

By Expert 3

It is not common to have the upper braces on first and then the bottom. From what you are saying, there is a tooth that needs to be straighten before the bottom braces are put on. It is possible that the tooth they are trying to straighten out can be in the way when the bottom braces are on. If the braces were put on the bottom and the tooth that needs to be straighten on top may hit the bottom braces- therefore prolonging the treatment because could not move upper teeth into correct position.

Do not worry, when the teeth are lined up, the lower will be put on.

Good Luck to your daughter having the perfect smile for the rest of her life