Why are my braces causing more gapes than I already had?

I got my braces January 5th and I have noticed they have caused more gaps in the front bottom row of teeth. I was wondering it that a problem, do they supposed to do that? Can you get your braces off earlier than what they told you? I have to keep my braces on for 2 years & maybe more because they told me I have to get rubber bands.

Answer: Creating Movement

By Sarah h

Throughout your orthodontic treatment, your teeth will shift and undergo several stages of change. Many that we don't understand or feel that was a better way to do just looking from the outside, not all that the movement entails physically. Do not panic and continue to care for your teeth as directed. Orthodontists are board certified and complete additional specialty treatment in addition to dental school. The journey to a perfect smile has many stages. Sometimes treatment can go smoother than predicted and your orthodontist may remove your braces early. The time frame is usually a good estimate based off prior history, your specific case and of course science. Sometimes teeth are stubborn and do not move or move more than anticipated. This is why your periodic orthodontic check ups are so important. If you do everything exactly the way instructed, your treatment will progress smoothly and before you know it your smile will shine.