Why do I have some many gaps in middle of teeth after adult got braces removed?

I recently got my braces removed 3 months ago. I dislike my teeth very much. Is it normal for adult teeth to look like this after treatment? My orthodontist stated I can have bonding done, however he could not do it and would have to go to a dentist and pay a decent amount of money to have that complete. Did my orthodontist mess up? Why is my midline not lined up?

gaps after braces

Answer: Open Embrasures

By BracesInfo.com Expert 10

The alignment of your teeth and your molar occlusion relationship is great. Your midline looks like it is on in the picture, however the picture does not show your entire nose or eyes. The midline is aligned with the maxillary (upper) central incisors, not the mandibular (lower)and the maxillary and mandibular midlines do not have to line up with one another. As far as the "gaps" are concerned, I notice one between your maxillary central incisors that is a result of your gingival tissue creating what is called a "black triangle". This is formed when the two adjacent teeth are more bulbous creating a space near the gingiva (gums). A cosmetic or general dentist can bond the teeth with composite resin or place porcelain veneers to close that space. I would suggest whitening prior to any cosmetic procedure. Be sure to continue to wear your retainers as directed and visit your dentist for your cleanings and exam.