WILL i get them off?

I am suppose to get my braces off April 26th. This last week, my bracket on one tooth popped off at the beginning of my school break. I couldn't go to the orthodontist because i was on vacation. But, came home and got it fixed immediately. They filed down my tooth a little bit. to make room. It was kind of crooked and moved backwards. They filed and fixed the bracket. Went home that night, popped off again because there wasnt enough room.. Went back that monday, and they fixed it. My tooth is straight and in line but there is a tiny gap where they filed my tooth down and the tooth beside of it. Will i be able to get my braces off, meaning that if my teeth dont move, and the retainer fix it? or keep my braces on? My teeth move extremely fast... im 6th months earlier than expected! and, im really hoping they come off because prom is the 28th for me :)

Answer: Should be on schedule to have braces removed as planned

By BracesInfo.com Expert 3

It is possible that you will have the braces removed as planned.

The answer to  your question if the retainer can help close the gap- the answer is yes

it works almost like braces,

when you get the braces off, PLEASE make sure you wear the retainer full time (except eating and brushing your teeth)>

when you get the braces off, your gums are soft and need to harden again that is why i mention to wear the retainer full time for 6 months. otherwise the teeth will shift again/

Good Luck on your prom