Will Orthodontist Remove Braces Upon Request?

Will an orthodontist remove my braces upon request? I\'ve had braces since December 2004. I had lived in Boston at the time, and when i moved 6 months later to Portland, I had not been seen. I went 4 years without any treatment. My mouth was a mess, and i just had brackets on. In June 2009, we found insurance that covered the cost of treatment and I got new braces. A year laternow, my orthodontist has stopped taking that specific insurance company and now I have to begin that proccess again. I dont want to go through that and I really just want my braces off. Will an orthodontist remove them? What do i have to do?

Answer: Request for early removal.

By Renee Anderson-Upson

I can certainly understand your feelings for wanting to be finished with treatment as yours has been a long process. Orthodontist hope to provide the best Orthodontic outcome for each patient. However, there offices usually have a letter of agreement that can be signed for incomplete or early removal of braces. If you are under 18 you will likely need a parent signature. Ask your Orthodontist for a estimate on how long they expect your braces to be on your teeth from this point in treatment. Understanding where your progress is and the Dr.'s view of any negatives to early removal will help you come to a wise choice together. Renee Anderson-Upson : The Braces Cookbook And Self Care Guide