Can You Get Braces While Missing A Tooth?

i was wondering, if you have missing tooth can you be able to have brace's?

Answer: Yes, If You Are Missing A Tooth You Can Still Receive Orthodontic Treatment

By Expert 2

If you are missing a tooth you can still recieve Orthodontic Treatment. Orthodontists are experienced and familar with a variety of cases including patients who have missing teeth. The Orthodontist will explain exactly how and what they will do about the missing tooth during your treatment. In some cases people who are missing teeth generally want implants after Orthodontic Treatment, so depending on your personal case the Orthodontist may have to make more space for the implant or simply hold the space as is for the implant. As far as your other aspects of treatment including moving teeth, space closing or bite alignment the Orthodontist will work around the missing tooth. The Orthodontist uses various techniques to make a space bigger for an implant, for example they may use what is called an open coil  which acts as a spring to slowly create a bigger space for the implant. In the case of keeping the space of the missing tooth exact for the implant they may use what is called a closed coil that acts as a barrier to hold the space in place while moving other teeth around it. Usually your Orthodontist will refer you to a Periodontist in the begining of your treatment, a Periodontist is a doctor that specializes in dental implants. Throughout your treatment your Orthodontist will communicate with the Periodontist  to make sure your spaces where you are missing teeth are small enough or large enough for implants.  So don't worry if You have missing teeth you are still able to recieve Orthodontic Treatment.