Cemented Dental Bridges - Constant Pain..

Full mouth - Cemented Porcelain Dental Bridges, with Titanium metal on the inside. Procedure done in Belgrade, Serbia. About a Month and a week later, continuous pain, that starts in the jaw bone and moves to the front of the mouth, causing all teeth to throb in pain. Certain teeth are sensitive to the touch or biting hard foods. All teeth are VERY sensitive to Hot and Cold. If one of the two extremes irritate the teeth, pain is still there even after the irritant is no longer there. Pain wakes me up from sleep or naps. Pain worsens if laying flat, propped up is the only way to sleep even for a couple hours. There is no swelling or gum swelling. Just PAIN. I had been put on penicillin 500mg, 3x a day, for two weeks. It did nothing to ease the pain or times of discomfort. Doctor has prescribe Percocet 5mg, 3x a day as needed. Please, someone tell me what is POSSIBLY wrong here? Doctor even says there is no infection, what is wrong and will this pain subside? Thank you!

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