Chipped fixed bridge repair?

I have a upper fixed bridge between tooth 6-11. it has a metal frame and the teeth seem to be porcelain. I chipped tooth# 8, it is a large chip, but a clean breack and I found the piece that fell out. Unfortunately I am unemployed, and have no insurance or much money, is there and glue I can buy that will be safe and effective in fixing this .....for a years or so till I can afford to have it professionally repaired Thanks Tommy - Illinois

Answer: Repairing a fixed bridge

By BracesInfo Expert 5

Unfortunately there is no easy way to fix fractured porcelain back onto a metal surface.  When a bridge is fabricated the porcelain is stacked in layers and baked in an extremely hot oven.  This technique is very delicate.  Once the porcelain fractures the only true way to repair it is to redo the entire bridge.  There aren't any cements or adhesives that will adhere porcelain or composite resin back onto a metal surface with the same integrity to match your biting forces.  Sometimes depending on where the fracture is, some dentists are able to bond composite resin onto the surface using the remaining porcelain as abutments (anchors)to temporarily mask the dark metal show thru.  This is a very temporary fix and sometimes with the best efforts may not last through a meal.