Cost Estimate Of Dental Crown and Bridge in Fresno California

My wife had to have tooth # 7 removed when she had braces installed. Now braces are off and her regular dentist wants to put a Bridge in that space as she is not good risk for an implant. She also needs Crown on tooth # 28. He wants $1,150.00 for the crown and $3.450.00 for the Bridge. Total of $4,600.00 , 1/2 up front and 1/2 in a month when it is finished. I WANT SECOND OPINIOIN OF THE COST...He is a good dentist and she likes him and his office staff. IS HIS PRICE IS THE BALL PARK OF WHAN IS REASONABLE???

Answer: Please Use Our Dental Cost Calculator

By Expert

Dental cost vary from city, state and dentist.   Our dental cost calculator will give you a general idea of average prices for you area, however your dentist prices could be based on several factors.   When shopping for a dentist and procedure it is good to not only consider the price, but determine how comfortable you are using the dentist for your dental care needs.   If you were referred from a good friend or family member, this is usually the best means of ensuring you have a dentist you can count on.

A dental crown can cost between $250 and $3000.   We suggest you call other dentist in your area.  Dental insurance may be a good idea for you if you are having dental treatment done regulary.

A dental bridge cost varies so great depending on the type of bridge so again it would be a good idea to get a second or third opinion if you are worried about the cost.