Crooked Teeth

Ever since I was a child, I have always crooked teeth. Even after i lost all my baby teeth, they where still very crooked. For years, my family has been telling me that they will straighten out over time. I got three of my wisdom teeth removed about four months ago. Before i could get the fourth one removed, i lost my insurance. I am currently waiting for my paperwork to go through so i can get the last wisdom tooth removed, as it is the worst of all of them. I got both top wisdom teeth and the right bottom tooth removed and will soon get the left bottom tooth cut out. Even after months of getting these teeth removed, it seems my crooked bottom teeth have not straightened out. One of the teeth is almost completely sideways, causing another to jut out of my gum line. How do I determine if my teeth are too bad to be fixed by braces? And if they are, how can they be fixed? If this makes a difference, I have severe Bruxism, although my night guard no longer fits due to changes in my teeth.

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Answer: braces good idea


The purpose of braces is to straighten teeth! So, your in luck. Even if your teeth are turned sideways there are ways to correct that with braces. If you are really crowded the orthodontist may send you to have some teeth even removed besides your wisdom teeth that were. They will put braces on the top an bottom and slowy adjust your teeth to the correct position as needed. A normal treatment time takes about 24 months. It can take longer if you have a more complex case. The braces may even help with the grinding. Your bite may be off causing it to be worst then it is. After the bracse treatment is  complete they will make you retainers. You can ask for essix retainers the clear ones that will also aid in the grinding. I suggest go for a orthodontic consult which is normally free of charge to see what they say. You are a good canidate for braces though!

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