Dental Bonding Solution Question - Phosporic Acid? Toxic?

Hi, I have been reading your information on your website and an so impressed by your knowledge and all the important insights you share! I had a question I hope you can help me with. Today I had my front two top teeth bonded to fill a gap between them. This is about the 5th time I\'ve had it done because it always keeps breaking. Anyway, today during the bonding process, I had a horrible taste of some kind of solution in my mouth that was going down my throat that the dentist applied. I tried my best not to swallow it by I know some went down my throat. Hours later, it still is bothering my throat and making my stomach a little upset. As I said, I\'ve had bonding done SEVERAL times in the past and NEVER had this taste before. I am wondering if the dentist used too much solution? I asked him about it and he said it was an "acid" flavored thing called Dental Etch. Is this toxic to me? I am scared I had too much toxic stuff go down my throat and into my body? Could there be anything besides this that was also making this horrible taste? Thank you! Richard Benfield

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Answer: Phosphoric acid

By Sarah h
Dental Professional

Dental etch is essentially a 35% phosphoric acid solution used to create tiny holes in the surface area of a tooth giving additional bonding surface for a composite resin restoration. This is usually administered on the tooth for 10 seconds or less depending on if it's enamel or dentin, then rinsed for at least the same amount of time for which it was applied. The high volume suction should be held to catch any of the etchant from the tooth. It has a very bitter taste. If you swallowed any, you should seek medical attention as it can be harmful. You may also have tasted the actual bonding agent which has a unique smell, much like an adhesive. Either one can be harmful, it is best to seek medical attention especially since you are having symptoms of ingestion (stomach hurting). Always better to be safe.

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