discomfort and pain after crown was placed

hi , i need an advise about my left lower molar tooth. I got a root canal done about 2 years ago and placed the crown couple weeks ago ( porcelain fused to high noble metal ) . Since i got this crown my tooth started to hurt when i was chewing food on it , i called my dentist and he found that crown is too high so he removed a bit of it but the problem is still existing . Now I started to feel the pain when brushing the tooth ( the gym hurts around it). also when I press with my finger the gym it hurts too. Today i went to my dentist again and informed him about the issues and he looked at it and thinks that the crown is ok only the problem is the gym and he took out a food that was in the gym around ( it was very painful and bleeding ) . Also i can't do the regular flossing because i can't get to this area with my hands its too far , so my dentist suggested me to buy a proxy brush for it . Do you think this kind of problem sounds like the gym issue or the problem is with the tooth itself and i should visit another dentist ? the last x-ray was 2 month ado and doctor sad everything is fine . before the crown was places this tooth and gym around never made any discomfort .

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Answer: Keeping Your Crown Clean

By Sarah h
Dental Professional

It sounds like a periodontal (gum) issue. If your tooth was prepared subgingival (below the gum line) it may take time to heal. The irritated tissue can create a pseudo pocket which will accumulate plaque and food easily. When it is not removed it creates an infection. The tissue will heal quickly when kept clean and free of debris. Warm salt water rinses are recommended 2-3 times a day along with flossing, a proxy brush, or a water pic. It is important to keep your oral hygiene meticulous in order to avoid any serious periodontal infections or bone loss around the crown. If it does not resolve within 7-10 days, you may want to return to your dentist again or seek another opinion.

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