Effectiveness and approximate cost for Emdogain application and is not or is covered by insurance?

I am 55 years old Female NY and I have had healthy teeth but bad gums and bone loss. I just recently had a procedure done by an oral surgeon. Cleaning under the gums and applying Emdogain to grow bone and a collogen to strengthen the gums and then stitched back up(upper and lower left side). I am told by the Dentist office my insurance(Emblem) will not cover the Emdogain. I was charged $2,100.00 just for the Emdogain. I did not understand at the time that, that was the full price I would be responsible for. Is this a procedure that is recommended and has good results? Also is this a fair price? I am supposed to go back to do the other side and it will be the same price again. I don't mind paying if it works or has decent results - I do understand that I have a responsibility too, to maintain it. Thank you

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