I can't afford a dentist, what are my options?

I've recently went to the dentist for some problems I have been having. I was in the military, USMC, and I had some root canals done while I was in there. Well, I never got root canals put on them so all the feelings came out, and all the teeth broke off. There is a total of four broken teeth that I have and it only has little tiny pieces of tooth left which cause my gums to bleed in those areas. I haven't had the money to go to the dentist and still don't. This last time I went, they said that they were looking at about 13,000 dollars worth of work. I got so overwhelmed and felt so defeated that I began to cry and walked out of there. It's gotten so bad that I think it has started to cause health problems. Some of the things they said I needed are crowns, root canals, and bridges. I also am terrified that I might have mouth cancer, but when I saw the dentists this last month, I didn't mention it to him that I had this fear. I am a male and only 30 yrs old. Is there anything that you can say or do to help me and also to help put my mind at ease? I feel like my mouth will never get fixed because I can't afford it. I have a wife and six kids and I'm the only one that is working right now. Is there anything that I can do? I've also tried to get financing and I wasn't able to get approved.

Answer: Options

By BracesInfo Expert 5

I apologize for the experience that you had.  I understand why you are feeling so overwhelmed especially when you are providing for a family.  Do not get discouraged or feel that you will never be able to have your dental treatment completed.  You need to find a provider that is welcoming and works with patients that have dental fears.  Set up a consultation and explain to the dentist prior to your oral examination that you understand you need quite a bit of treatment, yet you do not want to be overwhelmed.  This will allow the dentist to create a treatment plan that works in phases.  Your condition didnt happen overnight, so you cant expect to restore it overnight,  It may take months, or even a year or more.  Start in one area and complete one thing at a time.  Not only does this break up the treatment cost, but it also helps to ease the anxiety you are having.  You need to have the oral cancer situation addressed immediately.  Your family needs you healthy and I am sure they will be nothing but supportive of you during this time.  Early detection of oral cancer is mandatory. 

Also, check with your local government office or VA office, often times they have a dental provider that is available to you.  They may offer services at a lower cost to the service men/woman that are no longer active duty.  I wish you all the best and hope you give another dentist the opportunity to give you the smile you deserve so much.