My teeth hurt under my bridge what to do?

i had 4 years of braces and was not born with my upper lateral incisors. the orthodontist moved my canine teeth to where my laterals would of been with bands then after they were moved where he wanted them to be sent me to a dentist to have two bridges made for me. they placed them in and everyting was good. this was about 5 years ago. now my two frint teeth are starting to shift one is longer than the other and seems like my bridges stick out more put the worst is that when i eat anything hot col or sweet it seems like it gets under my bridges and a horrible pain will shoot through my while mouth and i even get a distgusting taste in my mouth ffrom time to time.i also noticed that when i was flossing my bridges (which i always use a threader to thread the floss through the teeth) my floss slide through two of my fake teeth on the bridge which tells me my bridge is broken. i dont have alot of money i was just wonderign what is going on with my mouth and what could be done to fix this is the most cost effective way. i wouldnt even mind making payments but i would love to have the bridges re done because they dont even look as good as they did what would be my options?

Answer: See a dentist to have bridge fix before more problems occur

By Expert 3

It is common when you are missing teeth, the orthodontist will make room and you had a bridge to replace the missing teeth. From what you wrote, it sounds like your bridge is broken and you need to see the dentist so they can correct it before more damage is done to your gums and surrounding teeth. Most dentist will take payment plans, and you need to find one that does. Keep cleaning it as best as you can with the floss threader. The reason you sometimes get shooting pain is because your teeth under the bridge is exposed and has no enamel on the tooth which makes it very very sensitive..The bad taste is also due to that everything is exposed and sometimes you will get food stuck in there causing a terrible taste and odor. When you got your braces off, they should have given you a retainer to keep your teeth in proper position until your teeth and gums harden, it takes a good year after removal of all braces for your teeth and gums to firm up from all the moving. That is why its important to wear your retainer full time for the first year, otherwise your teeth will shift. Good Luck