Shortened teeth, possibly from acid wear. If lengthened, will they feel like natural teeth?

21 and have quite short teeth. Drank hot diluted lemon juice 3 times a day over the past year and believe the acid took away 1mm of tooth enamel. I can\'t believe I did this and wondered if my teeth will ever be as they were 10 years ago again (when they were much longer, giving me a big smile). Can my teeth be restored to their original form which short teeth as bases? To me they look stumpy but my dentist says the \'proportions\' of the teeth are correct. I wonder if they won\'t feel the same because the base has been shortened.

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Answer: acid erosion

By Sarah h
Dental Professional

Your teeth can definitely be restored to their normal height with cosmetic restorations such as bonding, porcelain veneers or crowns. As far as feeling the same, that may or may not be something that you will get used to. Porcelain restorations are by far the best dental restoration when it comes to cosmetically restoring your smile, as it is stronger than composite, is much more polished and natural in appearance. These restorations tend to blend in with your natural dentition and go undetected by the tongue when fit properly. It is a good idea to have restorations placed, not only for cosmetic purposes, but to restore proper function. Once your enamel is worn from your teeth, there is an increased risk for dental caries, as well as continued wear as the underlying dentin is a much softer tooth material and will wear much more quickly than the enamel would.

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