Teeth not lining up

I just got immediate dentures 2 mos ago and my teeth still arent lining up on the left side when I bite down so am only able to chew on the right side. The dentist put a soft liner on the lower ones but I still notice a gap between my teeth when I bite down on the left.I also notice when I smile it looks like I have no teeth on top my teeth hardly show and it looks strange. Is it possible something needs to be changed on the upper denture also. thanks

Answer: Go back to the dentist and get it adjusted

By BracesInfo.com Expert 3

Go back to the dentist and get them adjusted. It may take a couple of times before you will be happy with the look, Sometimes it takes awhile for the denture to settle in the mouth and alot of shifting.

While settling, the gum shrinks and that is why you see what you see. All it takes is a few minor adjustment and should be good.

like i said, it will take a few times before you will feel good.

Good Luck