What is this strange localized swelling on my inside lower gumline?

Im not sure what this swelling is on my gum? It appeared a couple weeks ago. Hasn't gotten any bigger, hasn't shrunk. It causes no pain or discomfort. It fits perfectly under my partial denture which i have worn for 8 years. I've had poor teeth my entire life so ive been plagued with countless infections, cavities, root canals, fillings. It doesnt feel like an abcess. I don't have dental insurance so its not exactly easy to schedule countless dental appointments at this time of my life. Not sure what the puffy gum tissue could be? Hopefully its something that isn't serious.

Answer: Stomatitis

By Sarah h

More than likely, you have denture-related stomatitis, or denture sore mouth. It is a common condition that results in mild inflammation and redness of the oral mucous membrane underneath the denture. In 90% of cases, Candida species is involved, which is normally harmless in many people. It is the most common form of oral candida (yeast infection of the mouth). Stomatitis is most common in elderly people who wear complete upper dentures, however can develop on both the maxillary and mandibular arches. In order to reduce development, it is best to remove the denture when sleeping and be sure to clean it regularly.