Which is better crowns or composite restoration?

Dear Doctor, I have a question about the restoration of worn anterior and posterior teeth. My dentist recommends zirconium crowns on all 28 teeth while the are generally healthy and vital, only two molars were filled in the past. I made a little research on the above and found out that the new approach to deal on worn teeth should not be focused on the longevity of result but rather on saving natural tooth tissue. In this regard, composite restoration is less destructive way compared with crowns that requires destruction of up to 70% of tooth tissue. I am more inclined to composite restoration while my doctor insists on crowns. He says that composite restoration of posterior teeth would fail in short period of time. I would highly appreciate your advice on how to make this difficult decision. I have two molars filled 15 years ago and six anterior teeth restored with composite 5 years ago (no caries, just worn teeth. Thank you, Lela

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Answer: Composite Resin vs. Porcelain

By Sarah h
Dental Professional

Composite restorations are great for small areas, but not to rebuild teeth that will be taking force such as premolars and molars. There is 100,000 pounds per square inch of pressure with each biting force in your mouth. Think about when you repair a car bumper after an accident, it can be patched with bondo resin, but not rebuilt. Zirconia crowns are ideal to provide full coverage to your posterior teeth and to protect them from further wear. This is only a recommendation however, it is not possible to diagnose your situation without dental radiographs and a full dental exam. If you aren't currently wearing an night guard, you should. This will protect your teeth when sleeping from an grinding or clenching. Many times insurance will not cover any restorative treatment that is a direct result of bruxism, so be sure to have a pre-estimate completed if you are counting on insurance helping you with your treatment.

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