4 teeth extracted for braces!!

Hi, I am 21 years of age, male, i had 4 teeth-extraction for braces at age 19. My braces are off now and i feel something is not right about my face aesthetically! i heard about functional orthodontist and that they practise widening of jaw for treating crooked or overcrowded teeth for facial harmony as opposed to removal of teeth! I require urgent help here because i have my modelling career at stake! So my question is that am i just stressing about it or do i need to have reverse treatment i.e; undo the treatment? My main concern is my jaw shape and will such procedures reqiure me to undergo surgery? I had only misaligned and overcrowded teeth for which my teeth were taken out. I donot have any other issues like overbite etc. Will the procedure reqiure any serous implants or surgery? I would like to get an appointment as well but i live in Delhi. Is is possible to have treatment done? Please reply soon and guide me with right advice!I will inform my parents about this topic! any suggestion would mean a lot to me! Thankyou very much!

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