Is my blood clot dissolving too early?

Five days ago I had my upper right number three molar extracted. It was an old root canal that I wanted removed. It was an easy extraction and I had no pain or swelling at all afterwards. It has been about 4 days and 6 hours since I get the clot to form and have been very very paranoid about getting dry socket. Last night I had my first meal of solid food which consisted of chicken, soft pasta and a baked sweet potato. Afterwards I very carefully and gently rinsed with salt water. This morning I noticed that my blood clot appears to have receded. I can still see it but it looks smaller and it also appears that the gums around the extraction site are starting to curve inwards in what I hope is the proper healing process. I would call my dentist and ask, but he likes to take three days off in a row. I would just like to know if this is normal or if it is too soon for the clot to dissolve. I want to do all in my power to avoid dry socket. Any information would be much appreciated. Thank you

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Answer: Blood Clot Dissolving

By Sarah h
Dental Professional

It sounds like you are healing normal. The blood clot will begin to shrink throughout the healing process as the gum tissue begins to grow over the extraction site. There was probably other debris and blood around the actual clot that is now starting to wash out. Continue to be cautious and continue to rinse with warm salt water 2-3 times a day especially as you increase solid foods back into your diet.

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