Shark teeth?

Hi, I'm in my early 20's and within the past year discovered I have a tooth that has been growing directly behind another tooth. It's almost fully in and is actually pushing the tooth in front outwards leaving a bit of a gap obviously. I'm guessing maybe the one in front is a baby tooth that is just deeply rooted and never fell out and the permanent tooth is pushing through. If I were to get the front tooth pulled, would the tooth growing in behind it move into place?

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Answer: Shark teeth

By Sarah h
Dental Professional

Without seeing an x-ray or CT scan, it is impossible to predict a tooths movement.  It could be a primary tooth, or it could be an adult tooth that never had room to erupt.  Most teeth in the permanent dentition are fully erupted at the end of adolecense, however, some teeth erupt later in life for different reasons.  Keep in mind that there is a reason that tooth never erupted, so removing a front tooth may or may not help the tooth into position.  Many times, teeth need the help of orthodontics to align them correctly, if it does not happen with natural eruption. Your general dentist can take an xray and determine if it is a primary tooth or an extra permanent tooth.  Keep the teeth clean, especially with them being so close, it may be hard to brush effectively.  Interdental aids such as floss and/or a water pik may come in handy until the alignment is resolved. 

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