What Does An Orthodontist Do When A Cavity Is Seen?

When an Orthodontist sees you have a cavity in tooth 18 what tool would he use?

Answer: An Orthodontist will refer you to your Dentist

By BracesInfo.com Expert 2

     During Orthodontic Treatment you are more suscepitble to cavities due to all the areas food can get stuck in. If during your treatment your Orthodontist finds any cavities he/she will refer you to your dentist to get a filling. Orthodontist do not do fillings as it is not in their field. However, what the Orthodontist is responsible for if you have a cavitiy is to remove any brackets or bands you may have on the tooth that contains the cavity in order for the Dentist to properly fill the cavity. Remeber to avoid food/drinks that contain high sugar contents, brush 3-4 times a day, floss and use your fluoride to avoid developing cavities.