Why do my tooth hurt after deep filling?

I just had a temporary filling on 7th September 2016 on my upper right premolar (decay started between my premolars). On 24th September, I returned for a permanent filling. Before he filled a permanent filling for my tooth he asked me whether I had any pain. I said no. So he filled my tooth with a permanent filling. He told me my filling is deep. After 1 month , 30th October, I felt pain when I chew on hard food only. Why? Should I avoid using that tooth? And also last week the tooth starts to feel sensitive when I rinse my mouth with cold tap water. What is happening? Do I need to x-ray my teeth?

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Answer: Pain after filling

By Sarah h
Dental Professional

You should not feel pain after a filling for a prolonged period of time.  It is normal for a tooth to be sensitive when the filling is large and sometimes it takes several weeks to subside.  It may be possible that by the time the decay was removed, it had already insulted the nerve of the tooth and now the nerve is dying.  With the temporary filling in place, more than likely it was medicated and soothing to the nerve, now with the permanent filling, the nerve is starting to die, causing discomfort.  You may need a root canal and a crown on this tooth.  Call your dentist and have an xray taken to see if there is pathology.  He/she can also test the response to cold, percussion and palpation to help in diagnosis and treatment in the future.  

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