Cavities Questions

How long does it take for a sore/infected tooth to become fatal?

I've had problems with a sore tooth for a couple of years now, but it's recently started getting worse. I couldn't see a dentist because I was unemployed and uninsured, plus I didn't qualify for any kind of state aid. I finally got a part-time job...

Dental Caries (Answered)

In classification of dental caries, what class is the caries located on the middle third of anterior teeth?

What are the surfaces of OL, O, and MO (Answered)

On my dental bill where it says tooth no.or letter, it reads: 1 surface OL- second reads: 2 surface O- third reads: 13 surface MO what does all that mean? The bill shows that 3 teeth were done but the dentist only filled 2 top teeth. What surfaces...

Sucked in cheek

My brother got a deep wrinkle on his lower jaw from having a very bad cavity, its like it got sucked in from the outside ,he still has his bad tooth I\\\'m afraid it could be somthing bad never seen anything like that,please give me a suggestion

Pain after root canal?

I have been having teeth problems for a while now, I\'ve had something like 3 root canals in the past year but my financial situation wont allow me to get in for another root canal till January as I owe them 600 that I\'m paying incrementally, I...

What is the difference between resin and compose fillings (Answered)

what is the difference between resin and compose fillings

Novacaine Did Not Wear Off On Half My Tongue After Cavity (Answered)

I recently had a cavity filled and all of the novacaine wore off except for half my tongue which feels like someone is holding a 9 volt battery to it. What can I do to stop this discomfort? So far I have just been waiting for it to run its...

What Does An Orthodontist Do When A Cavity Is Seen? (Answered)

When an Orthodontist sees you have a cavity in tooth 18 what tool would he use?

What Is A Multi Surface Filling? (Answered)

what is ment by a multi surface filling

Swelling From Cavities? (Answered)

Hello! I got two fillings on my left bottom molars on Monday it is now Thursday. I had a 3 surface deep filling and the other tooth was minor. So I'm very sensitive anyway. I have gotten tattoos that stay swollen for 4-7 days. I got 2 numbing shots...

Partial Chrome Cobalt? (Answered)

i am getting a full upper dentures,it also quotes int the referral to the dental technician that i also require a lower partial chrome cobalt? what is this as i dont have any idea,could you please tell me. thankyou fiona.

Flossing with cavities? (Answered)

I feel like this is a VERY silly question but it has been bugging me. I went to the dentist a few days ago and they told me I have a cavity between my upper left lateral and upper left cuspid teeth. Because of booking issues, I will not be able to...

Really Bad Pain In Tooth? (Answered)

i went to my dentist today bc i have been getting really bad pains in my tooth. when i went to her she looked in my mouth w/o taken any x-rays and pulled my wisdom tooth out.. i had told her that it wasnt it and she didnt listen to me. i know i went...

Space maintainer (Answered)

i had a space mainatiner and I just got it removed. My back two teeth where the rings/supports of the retainer was attached now have two cavity\'s. My dentist had said that they might need to do a doubble root canal. I was wondering if there is any...

Restoration Of Erosion In Molars? (Answered)

i have errosion in two of my molars....i recently saw a comercial for ACT Total care saying itll help rebuild that enamel is that true? will it work?