Can I delay extraction of infected tooth?

Recently I had a throbbing pain in a cavity infected tooth which I went to my dentist for. My dentist said that the tooth has gone so bad that there is no option but to get it extracted. Yet I don't want to get it extracted unless I'm going to get a dental implant done in it's place for the fear of my teeth shifting from its places. I can't afford the implant but I'm going to travel to a country where the implant is cheaper and I could get it done there. I wanted to know if I could delay the extraction for an year by taking good care of it till I can travel and get the implant? Or should I get the extraction done sooner? I really dread my teeth shifting and my smile getting affected.

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Answer: Delaying an extraction

By Sarah h
Dental Professional

Putting off an extraction of an infected tooth is not advised.  Until the tooth is removed, the infection is present in your blood stream.  Your teeth are very close to your brain, which can be very risky to have a constant infection present.  It is best to have the tooth removed as soon as possible, as it will take time for the infection to resolve.  Once the tooth is removed, you should have a bone graft placed.  This bone graft needs several months to fully integrate in your mouth and be ready to support a dental implant.  Understand that teeth do not shift backwards, only forwards.  If shifting is a large concern, have a retainer made to wear until your implant is ready to restore.  Once your implant is placed in the bone, it takes 3-4 months to fully integrate and be ready to restore with a crown.  While it seems cheaper to leave the country, remember that if anything happens to your implant in the future, you will need to return to the country for additional treatment.  Sometimes it is best to work on payment options with your dentist, rather than find the cheapest option. 

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