Chills, fever, gum swelling, mouth ulcers are symptoms of which disease?

Hi, I am 27 year old woman. My husband had a pus filled sore on his lip which he broke open. It smelled very bad and his mouth was stinking, too. Same night we had a sex and I didn't know that it could infect me. Two days later I had very bad fever with chills and 4th day my gums were really swollen and hurting. I had my below the jaw lymph node also swollen and paining. I went to a dentist and he cleaned my teeth thinking that it could be gingivitis. Only 1-2 teeth gum area (incisor in lower jaw) was affected when I went to doctor. However, the same day after teeth cleaning I again started to have chills and fever. The next day also I had fever and again next day I had my upper jaw gums were swollen and had whitish ulcers at inner lower lip. I am very scared what should be done now. I have next appointment of dentist 2 days later. What this could be, please guide me.

Answer: Gingivostomatitis

By Expert 10

The symptoms you are describing are those of gingivostomatitis, a common infection of the mouth and gums. It is a virus that can last 3-10 days on average and can be transferred by contact with open lesions, such as kissing. Herpes Simplex virus type-1 (cold sores) or touching a contaminated hand with feces is a common source of the infection. Symptoms include tender sores on the gums, fever, chills, red swollen gingiva, and swollen lymph nodes and bad breath. Your general doctor can take a cultural by swabbing the area for cells and having the lab check for the bacteria. Once confirmed an antibiotic or medicated mouth rinse can be prescribed. In the meantime, keep your mouth clean by brushing and flossing, warm salt water rinses can be soothing and over-the-counter pain medications as needed.