Do I Need to Take Antibiotics Before A Root Canal?

Hello, I found out today that I have to undergo a root canal procedure. My question is this: I have had joint replacement surgery (both knees), and when I have a dental appointment scheduled, I take antibiotics 1 hour prior to my appointment as instructed by my orthopaedic surgeon. Prior to my root canal, will I need only take my usual dose of Amoxicillin, or will this require something different? Thank you.

Answer: Yes, you will need to take your amoxicillin before your root canal treatment

By Expert 3

Any patient with, for example, a joint replacement(like you), cardiac prosthesis, ventriculoatrial shunt for hydrocephalus, or an organ transplant, can ge particularly susceptible to infection.  Any patient who is at risk for infection that may result from bacteremia, antibiotic premediaction may be indicated.   Make sure before your root canal treatment and or any other treatment especially a cleaning you take your antibiotic first.   You will need to do this at all your dental appointment.  Call your dentist, as they should have this noted on your chart and they will prescribe the antibiotic before your appointment.    You would rather be safe than sorry.   Good Luck