Does magnesium help with Abscess swelling?

Hello, I have a drained abcess but the swelling is still in my left lower jaw. I've read that magnesium tablets/pills helps with this. Is this true? If so how many to take at one time as well as what brand and mg to get for this? I'm already taking 200mg of ibeprofen for the swelling now.

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Answer: Magnesium and Abscess swelling

By Sarah h
Dental Professional

Even though the abscess has drained, the source of infection is still present until it is removed. This is accomplished in one of two ways. First, if the tooth is restorable, a root canal would need to be performed in order to remove the necrotic tissues. During this process, the canal is cleaned, shaped, sanitized and filled with gutta percha. Gutta percha is a plant based natural substance placed inside the canal to complete the sealing prior to crown preparation and placement. The other way to remove the source of infection is to remove the tooth. Removing the tooth is not always the best option, however it is sometimes necessary to do so. The best treatment option for you should be discussed with your dentist after a radiograph and intraoral examination are performed. If you are taking the magnesium and ibuprofen just to help with inflammation, you may continue to do so, just know that the infection is still present and this most likely will happen again until the infection is treated. Both of these are over the counter medications and the directions should be followed as per directions on the bottle. It is advisable to seek dental treatment as quickly as possible. You will most likely receive antibiotics to help reduce the infection until treatment is performed. An abscess should never be taken lightly or ignored.

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