Extraction vs. Root Canal vs. Rejection

What are the chances of a tooth being rejected that has already received multiple restorations (over half is composite) after a root canal? I have an infection, and am receiving treatment. I have already taken one round of antibiotics, and start a second round tomorrow. I was told I could choose to do a root canal or extraction. I am trying to decide what would be in my best interest. The tooth in question has had multiple restorations, the most recent due to the tooth cracking and almost half of it falling out, therefor half composite. I have noticed that this tooth also moves slightly or is not as snug in the gums as the rest of my teeth. Since I have already spent $600-700 on this tooth my concern lies in spending the money for the canal and crown ... only to have it reject in a few months.

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Answer: Guarded Prognosis

By Sarah h
Dental Professional

When a tooth has an infection, it tends to feel more mobile than your other teeth due to the inflammation and infections surrounding the tooth. Once the infection is under control and a root canal is completed, the ligaments surrounding the tooth with tighten back up. I can certainly understand your hesitation, however, most dentists' or Endodontists' will not perform a root canal if the tooth has a guarded prognosis. It will be imperative to have the crown placed immediately after the root canal in order to prevent any further fractures or trauma to the tooth. Always keep in mind, dental treatment is never guaranteed. The treatment is done with the best intentions, however you must responsible for your homecare and yearly dental x-rays in order to detect any recurrent or new dental caries. There is nothing better than your own teeth and extracting the tooth is a temporary fix, it must be restored with a dental implant or dental prosthesis such as a partial denture. Discuss your concerns with the treating dentist prior to starting treatment, in order to be sure you are making the best decision for your dental needs.

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