Have had root canal on teeth 8 and 7. still infection and gum boils every few months and pain.

I have had root canals on teeth 8 and 7. This was a two years back on the one tooth and an year and a half on the other about...They want to retreat these teeth, and on the x-ray, the area surrounding these two teeth is black..., I have not really had sensitivity with the teeth before they did the root canals,, the one tooth has a crown, they put it on in a week after the root canal, and that was after I told them I had gotten another gum boil etc. my gum still hurts a lot right before a gum boil forms, and I am afraid that redoing the root canals will not work...what would you suggest? are there better/other options? I really don't have the money, and as it is I have paid over 1k$ on the work that has been done... (I am 18, and just want to do something to make sure it stops...)

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Answer: Endodontic Retreatment

By Sarah h
Dental Professional

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix. When there is an infection present, antibiotics can only treat the symptoms, not the tooth itself. There is a possibility that the teeth can be retreated and will have a favorable long term prognosis. However, with your age and the issues you are having, I would not prepare yourself for a long term restoration. More than likely you will end up losing these teeth at some point in the future. Dental implants are the restoration of choice, especially after a failed root canal. However, they are costly. Dental implants on average are $5000 per tooth from start to finish. It takes from 8-12 months to completely restore a dental implant after the placement and full integration of the bone. To buy time and keep your teeth as long as possible, it may be beneficial to have the teeth retreated if possible, especially with you being so young. This is a large investment financially and emotionally, so several professional opinions may be necessary prior to making a final decision.

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