Imense pain after filling

I had my first filling on Tuesday, apparently it was a small cavity so didn\'t take too long. After my injection wore off I was left with imense pain, I went back to the dentist who said it was bruising from the injection. 5 days later I\'m still in pain with my tooth. I can\'t eat any solid foods like bread on either side of my mouth because I still get pain from my back tooth, I\'m going to contact my dentist after bank holiday weekend but in the mean time can you give me an idea of why this filling has given me major problems? Thanks!

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Answer: Pain After Filling

By Expert 10

There could be a few reasons why your tooth is hurting after a restoration has been placed. First, if it is the tooth, not the injection site, the restoration could be slightly out of occlusion, which would cause pain on biting. This type of pain is called reversible pulpitis. The nerve is inflamed, but it is reversible, with an anti-inflammatory medication and occlusal adjustment. It is very easy to check your occlusion with articulating paper, and if needed adjust the newly placed restoration. If there is a void in the restoration, it can cause sensitivity as well. This can be detected with a dental radiograph as well. Lastly, the nerve could have been insulted prior to the restoration leading to irreversible pulpitis. If this occurs, you will need to have a root canal performed to remove the necrotic tissue contained within the tooth. The easiest solution is to call the treating dentist and schedule a post operative appointment so you can be properly diagnosed and treated accordingly. Do not wait as the symptoms can continue to worsen or cause more damage to the tooth.

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