Is it normal if my neck and gums hurt after having temporary brackets for two months....

I went to the dentist about two months ago. I don't have extremely crooked teeth, but my front tooth is overlapping all my other teeth. My dentist first said that he would have to take two upper molars out before putting the braces in. My mom didn't want me to because she said they didn't have to, but we said yes anyways. After two weeks, we went back and they said that I didn't need teeth extracted. We went back about two weeks later after that and they said they needed new impressions for the top. "they needed them so I can get an expander" They had put in my temporary brackets about a month ago, my gums really hurt, they are swollen and just yesterday, my neck started hurting on the side that my gums are swollen. The pain shifts sides. They haven't called me back. It's been two weeks since I got the second impressions done. Please help me.

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