extra skin

Looks like extra skin

I have a bad almost like sore on my left side but when i look at it its almost like extra skin or like something growing there. It verymuch hurts to eat. It definetly has pain of a cold sore but is not. When i look at it its kinda swollen and looks like extra skin. Do you have any remedies to make this go away.

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Answer: Extra Skin

By Sarah h
Dental Professional

It is hard to identify the location in your mouth with the picture you submitted. It appears as if its in the mandibular posterior (lower back) region, behind a molar. Judging by your age, it is more than likely a tissue fold that is covering an erupting wisdom tooth (permanent third molar. Many times we forget how uncomfortable it is to have new teeth erupt, as we experience when we are exfoliating our primary teeth. Warm salt water rinses are best to soothe that area and keep it clean of debris. An over the counter anti-inflammatory will help with any discomfort you are experiencing as well. If it does not subside in the next 5-7 days, schedule a visit with your general dentist to be sure there isn't an infection developing.

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