My teeth didn't hurt until I got fillings..why do they hurt?

Hello! 1)I wanted to ask you guys if it's normal to have sharp pain after having a filling done over a month ago? 2) Should I get a 2nd opinion? 3) What is wrong with me? I had fillings done on my bottom right teeth (1 month ago) and my top left teeth (1 1/2 months ago). I went back to my dentist and they fixed the bite. They said if it didn't feel better in a week go back in. A week later I went back in because I was still having the pain. They did an image on it to make sure nothing was wrong. They said it was good and nothing was wrong. They again fixed my bite and readjusted my fillings. They told me again to come back in a week if it stills hurts. I went back in and they gave me two options 1) wait longer (but they said it's already been a month and didn't sound like it would really help) 2) take the white fillings out and replace them with silver ones. I ended up going with option 2. I got my bottom right ones redone last week and every time I eat my tooth has this constant ache where they replaced it. The only thing that's helped is to bite down on something hard like plastic toothpick. The dentist said no matter how much I begg they wouldn't take my teeth out (nor do I want that). They also said I'm no where close to a root canal. They said to wait awhile and didn't give me an estimate on how long to wait. Meanwhile my other top tooth is hurting when I bite down or touch it. I don't want to eat anything because this pain is bad. Im a type 1 diabetic so I kinda can't just not eat. I don't want to go back and do my other filling and I don't know what to do about the one they just worked on. Also these are not deep fillings at all just little ones. My teeth didn't start hurting until they worked in them. Please help me figure this out. 4) What is the next step I need to take?

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Answer: Pain When Biting

By Sarah h
Dental Professional

Usually trauma from fillings will subside on its own, however since you have given it ample time and have seen no improvement, you may want a second opinion. Sometimes, a dentist can remove the restoration and placed a sedative temporary filling known as IRM. It has a soothing effect on teeth with the key ingredient eugenol. Once the medicated filling is placed, you will be seen for a post operative check in 2-3 weeks. At that time if your symptoms have subsided, more than likely the tooth was just healing from trauma. If you still display symptoms, endodontic therapy (root canal) may be necessary. All teeth respond differently and are unpredictable. If your dentist is still playing the waiting game, a second opinion may be necessary for you to have both peace of mind and comfort.

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