Root canal treatment for irreversible pulpitis

I have been recommended for root canal treatment, for my front tooth because or irreversible pulpitis. But I have heard tht tooth may get discoloured after root canal treatment. One dentist asked me for zyconium filling after RTC and told me that it will reduce risk of discolouration after RTC, should I go for it or for amalgam filling?? Please tell me, I m very afraid because it is my front tooth nd it is white before RTC.

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Answer: restoration after root canal

By Sarah h
Dental Professional

With any necrotic (dead) tooth, there is always a risk that it will darken, however if it is not dark now and you are having the root canal performed, the chances are minimal. The discoloration happens when the necrotic nerve tissue and blood vessels inside the tooth begin to break down and gas is produced. This can be a lengthy process with gradual color change. Once a root canal is performed, the dentist or endodontist can perform internal bleaching to whiten the tooth internally, thus reducing or eliminating the discoloration. Amalgam is outdated and contains mercury, which is highly toxic. It is also a grey metal that will show through your tooth causing it to appear darker. A Zirconia restoration is much stronger and more natural. It is white in color, which will not illuminate a dark shadow through the tooth.

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