Tonsilitis, gum infection, ulcers

I have a sever case of tonsilitis and a severe gum infection I went to a general doctor and recieved augmentin unfortunatly I was unaware of the gum infection and told him it was my.wizdom teeth growing in since visiting the doctor I now haver a small ulcer on my toung and both cheeks my gumbs are swollen all around and even the front one have small pockets of puss my gumbs are ripping and goung over my.tooth causing me to bite on the skin which is extremlly painfull I am afraid of the further effects of the gumb infection and would like to know what steps should I take I have been on the medicne for about 48 hoursand am.beging to feel less pain should I go to the dentist or wait and see if the antibiotics clear all of the infection I am extremlly worried and would really appriciate an answer please and thank you :\'(

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