What is causing severe pain after a simple filling?

Hi, I had two lower fillings done this past Wednesday. I went in due to pain and was told I had a cavity, therefor my dentist went ahead and did the filling on that tooth and another I needed done. Initially, there was no pain and I went into Thursday with mild discomfort. However, this weekend the pain has been unbearable. I take Tylenol #3 for another condition and they do not even touch this pain. I finally had enough and went to the ER at 2AM since the pain is so severe I am unable to sleep. The doctor there gave me a nerve block in my bottom gums which took my pain from a 10 to a 6. He also gave me Lidocaine rinse to go home with. Still, pain remains and I believe it’s getting worse. My lower teeth hurt, my chin, throat, cheeks and almost up to my ears. I didn’t have a temperature until today (100.9) and my blood pressure had been normal, too. I am in so much pain I am considering going back to the ER but am not sure how else they can help at this point. It hurts to speak, chew, breathe and lying down makes the pain worse. Today I noticed the gland under my tongue is very swollen as well. I have an appt with my dentist this Tuesday (he does not have emergency or weekend hours) and I can’t get Monday off from work. Still, I’m wondering if I should go back to the ER before the appt... Notably, his hand slipped during the filling and he repeatedly asked if I was all right (which I was then) but this might not be related. I know the internet might not be the best place to look for an answer but any help on what can relieve my pain or what may be causing it would be very helpful. Right now, the only thing that works is heat and the lidocaine rinse. At this point, if I could take out my teeth, I would. Thank you for reading and God bless.

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