Who Do I listen to: Endodontic or Oral Surgeon

Chicago wants to know: Tooth 20 is acting up. Last year, 2014, tooth 19 was pulled because it was too decayed and an old too. I am 77 years old. I saw many dentist inquiring about three teeth, 15, 19, and 20. The endodontic specialist advised re-root canal on #20. He agreed with the oral surgeon to pull #19. Oral Surgeon made a parting shot. I'll be back. My guess it was tooth 20 he was speaking about. If I pay to have another referral - no one knows for sure until they start to re-root the tooth. Then if it looks too bad they can extract it. But few to no dental professional does both treatment and extraction. Some do. Any advice to what I should do - pull the tooth and get an implant sounds good to me if I can't save the tooth.

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Answer: Endodontic Indeed

By Dr. Monica Smith

You are just as solid as your teeth. In this way, it's critical to take a decent consideration of your teeth and gums to remain solid. Truth be told, contemplates have just settled a connection between your teeth and body. Which implies, any dental issue may in the long run lead to some medical problems if not treated in a convenient. Thus, ordinary dental visits become key to keeping up absolute wellbeing. You anyway ought to be cautious while picking a dental specialist for your following visit as every one of them would be not on a par with you anticipate them. Also, it bodes well to visit a center that represents considerable authority in treating for all intents and purposes each dental issue known. Dentist in Dracut MA

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