Bridges Questions

Terrible Taste In Mouth After Ear Infection Burst

Just over a year ago my mother had a severe ear infection which burst in both ears. Ever since then she has had a terrible taste in her mouth and a sense of a liquid leaking from one particular tooth. She has been to both doctors and dentists to no...

Can You Get Braces While Missing A Tooth? (Answered)

i was wondering, if you have missing tooth can you be able to have brace's?

I can't afford a dentist, what are my options? (Answered)

I've recently went to the dentist for some problems I have been having. I was in the military, USMC, and I had some root canals done while I was in there. Well, I never got root canals put on them so all the feelings came out, and all the teeth...

Cost Estimate Of Dental Crown and Bridge in Fresno California (Answered)

My wife had to have tooth # 7 removed when she had braces installed. Now braces are off and her regular dentist wants to put a Bridge in that space as she is not good risk for an implant. She also needs Crown on tooth # 28. He wants $1,150.00 for...

Can People With Straight Teeth Get Braces? (Answered)

Can people with straight teeth get braces.