Dental Implants Questions

Clenching teeth causing a problem?

I had an implant put in about 3 years ago. I am a non smoker but in the last 6-12 months, have developed a "clenching problem". I do wear a bite guard at night but prior to this issue, I probably only wore it about 70% of the time. In the last 7-10...

Too Many Teeth Pulled For Braces?

Is there any way. You can get your teeth straightened if you have several teeth pull and the the teeth on the front are loose is there any way you can get them straightened instead of having to have a implant s

I have very bad Periodontal disease (Answered)

I have Metlife insurace and Gateway Dental. I was told that the only way I can get Implants, if it is deemed a medically nessesity. I suffer from depression and Hydrocephalus, anxeity and ptsd. would i be a canadite for implants instead of dentures....

graft - bridge or implant

Tooth 30 - Have had bone degeneration for several years - have "tunnel" under tooth. Tooth also has root canal and crown. Now cavity at furcation. I'm age 71. Get perio maintenance cleaning every 4 months Many root canals, crowns and 3 bridges...

In pain, fed up with ugly smile, and trying to save in the long run

I am missing 6 teeth, have a canine tooth impacted sideways. About to loose 3 molars due to poorly done root canal, and fillings falling out. I also have an over bite and crooked teeth.. Would it be cheaper in the long run to have the impacted...

Herbst Appliance broken (Answered)

Hi, my herbst appliance on the right broke from the upper jaw, and has disattached compleatly, the rod is dangling from the bottom and its 11:30 p.m and its Saturday. I have quite a pain in the back of the jaw. Help.

The Cost of Dental Bonding In Florida

Hello my name is Sovanize im from Florida and I am eighteen. I have a chipped tooth and a gap in front of my teeth I have done alot of reseach on dental bonding and I wanted to know if that would be a bad choice to do it or not, also I wanted to...

Grafting front jaw area after 40 years without teeth

I lost my front teeth when I was only 17 years old. I am 60 years old now. 2 years ago my bridge failed, as did the implant that supported it. Two years ago I had cadaver grafts done by a dentist across that front jaw. I infected immediately and...

My 11 year old son broke his two front teeth

Last week my 11 year old broke his two front teeth. The emergency action that was taken was to give him feelings since the nerve was exposed. As you know fillings can be fragile and since he is only 11, I'm guessing they will need to be replaced...

mouth emergency

i need major work done on my teeth and always in constant pain im missing teeth and know i have a couple of cavities .i have not been to the dentist in 7 years, i have no insurance but i know i need to see one immediately my teeth are embarrassing

Is metal ALWAYS used?

I would like to get implants on my lower jaw but because of a brain difficulty I will need MRI's at least twice a year. I worry about metal and MRI's. Any new products or ideas for me?

Should I get dental implants or opt for something else?

I am congenitally missing teeth #7 and #10 (Upper Lateral Incisors). These have been missing for all of my life, and x-rays reveal that they are not in the gums. The teeth behind them simply had moved forward more and partially filled that empty...

Fixed Bridge (Answered)

I have a implant on #30. Tooth #29 has to extracted. Can we do a fixed bridge from #30 (implant) to #28 this is my tooth. What is the best think to do? Thanks, lilli

Implants during wearing of Braces

I have braces at this time and have about 6 months left of tretment before they are removed. I also need 3 implants. Is it possible to start the process of the surgical implants now or do I have to wait until the braces are removed?

to finish the pain

i am 16 years old and from 2 years my dental treatment is continued but today after implantation its paining a lot so what should i do?