Dental Restoration Questions

Chipped teeth restore?

I chipped 2 of my teeth in the far back todayy (VEEEERY little is chipped; you can't even tell unless you touch it) but i feel a little tingle in my gum right around the area the chipped teeth are. Is the teeth going to restore on their own or...

What options would be the best without braces

Hi im wanting perfect looking front teeth. (currently got a gap in the middle of my teeth- very small) i have a slight overbite- slightly blue tips on front two teeth. Im 21 years old, i have drank ALOT of coca cola in my previous years ( 3...

what does this mean

I just had my upper teeth removed for denture and one bottom tooth removed. The nurse used the term root reconstruct when she listed what was done while I was having this surgery done. What does root reconstruct mean because they ended up breaking 2...

Pulling teeth vs Restoration? (Answered)

Instead of pulling all my teeth they are restoration. And giving me a partial plate hoe do they go by doing this

Fees for triple bridge.

My dentist has recommended a triple bridge and has already done 2 hours prep work and has put in 2 temporary bridges. He is now sending me to a dental surgeon to extract 3 roots before he continues. He will now have to take an imprint for the...

Dental cost covered by medical insurance

A medical condition Sjornzen SYndrome has attributed to the dental conditions of my teeth and gums. This causing the need of extensive dental work which is very expensive. Yes I do have insurance but would still have to pay out of pocket. Could any...

Snaggle Tooth (Answered)

I have a snaggletooth and it has been growing for about a year and a half.Now the tooth is really big but is not even close to coming out.The lip on top of the tooth is really infected and hurts like crazy.What do I do about it?

Problem with my nerves (Answered)

I had a BMP done but still my teeth aching..can`t eat anything with the tooth it was broken at first dentist told me to remove the nerves its been 3 weeks am under treatment but am still having pain i feel like putting something underneath n crush...

Teased and Bullied From Gap In Teeth (Answered)

hi my name is lily and i have had a few problems in the past with my gap. Bullying, teasing and many more. I have skin attached to my gap. I have heard invisiline wont work because of my large bite. But i was wondering if i use the new rubberbands...

Whats the next best thing to my original teeth? (Answered)

I need dentures for where my back teeth were. Instead of having to take them out every day, is there a way to surgically put new teeth back in? If so, roughly what would that procedure cost?


I have really messed up teeth, but i have to maintain a "look" if you will for the company i work for. I have tried traditional and invisible braces, i was wondering if there was anything anyone can do such as capping the gaps or filling them. Im...

Teeth cover up? (Answered)

Is there any sort of cover for bad looking teeth that dont hurt. I dont want them pulled just covered.

Tooth Bonding Removed and Teeth Hurt (Answered)

Yesterday a dentist put tooth bonding on 4 of my upper teeth and they were done very badly so today I had him remove them. My teeth are very sore and I noticed they dont feel the same. I think it is because of the etching he did before he did the...

Half of tooth came out (Answered)

I lost half of my tooth eating a bagel this morning. is there anyway the tooth can be saved? It is one of my side front teeth.

Home Repair of Broken Denture (Answered)

I was careless putting in my bottom denture and it broke in two. Can I get it repaired? Maybe cemented back together?